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Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen – New Delhi

Tucked into Connaught place, New Delhi is a restaurant oldie redesigned to bring the streets of Mexico to its diners.

Starting out as one of the country’s first experiential and themed restaurants in 1994, Rodeo, now, Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen was a Tex-Mex themed eatery with cowboys dressed as waiters, saddle bars as bar stools and a menu curated by two Mexican Chefs. “The restaurant then had a classic look and feel of the wild west and over the 23 years of Rodeo entertaining its patrons, we realised that everything had changed, including our diners palates that had evolved. Hence, we have transformed ourselves into a modern Mexican Cantina. A cantina being a place in Mexico where one would go to grab a drink,” explains Mukesh Rana, General Manager, Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen.
Rodeo closed its doors recently for a renovation, only to bounce back after this short hiatus as the refreshed and remodelled Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen. The newly opened restaurant claims it’s bringing in a new wave-inspired by the vibrant streets of Mexico with a menu full of fresh Mexican produce and dishes.
“The whole idea behind Mexican cuisine is not only the fact that it is irresistible and loved but also caters to the Indian palate with its similarities to our food. The use of chillies, to tortillas vs rotis and refried beans vs rajma the list goes on. This is what makes our diners aware and more inclined to trying Mexican food.” says Mukesh. The menu at Rodeo & Cantina serves up everything Mexicana, sticking mostly to classics, from taco to tostadas, enchiladas to fajitas and an array of salsa platters. Some of their sought after dishes being the Baja fish taco, Eggplant and potato taco and the creamy Queso fundido.
Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen does not only scream Mexican in its food. The revamped interiors delves deep into Mexico’s culture, people, history and art resembling life on the country’s streets. This rebirth into Mexico, is evident from the interiors of the restaurant and its walls studded with original artworks inspired by Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. The interiors also makes references from pop culture and boasts of a hand-painted floor-to-ceiling mural paying homage to classic festivals celebrated in Mexico.
Also complete with a flooring of Mexican tiles, soft lighting from chandelier lights and 16-feet-long bar, Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen a cosy family restaurant by day, switches into a lively, upbeat bar at night.

Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen,12-A, Rajiv Chowk, Block A, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001; tel: +91 011 2371 3781

Posted: May 28, 2018
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