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This DIY dessert bar, the first-of-its-kind, has people swarming to sector 8 of Chandigarh for a treat that has created a churious whirlwind.

A name that’s a no-brainer and a confectionary delight that is enough to tempt the child in you, Churiosity an amalgamation of the words: Curiosity & Churros is a quaint, upbeat dessert bar all about the Spanish delicacy, Churro.
Founders, Chef Manav Suri and Archit Singal were eager to bring about a certain inimitability to the dessert scene of the Chandigarh TriCity, when the idea of deep fried choux, impeccably crisp on the outside and blissfully soft on the inside dawned on them. The duo then set-up Churiosity on the 23rd of February 2018, with the aim of bringing in new flavours and varieties every so often to keep the curiosity around Churros alive.
This stand alone brand revolving around Churros, features a wide range of chocolate fillings, glazes and toppings with personalisation at its fore. “The customer can even play around with their favourite chocolate and softy flavours and get their own customised dessert!” exclaims Archit.
The curveball however is that, apart from the sweet churros, which come in the form of sundaes, loops, loaded and classics, Churiosity also serves a savoury version of the Churros along with a finely crafted beverage menu. The customer favourites include Churros Sundae, Death by Chocolate, The Nutty Cat, Baconator, Messy Pops Paneer and the Vietnamese Cold Coffee.
“Two months into the operations, and it has been pleasure to see that the whole experience around churros has been accepted by the Chandigarh audience with open arms. We also witness a high rate of repeat customers that speak of their curiosity (or rather Churiosity as they like to call it) of trying new flavours and varieties of Churros. With a tremendous opening response, the management is already working on opening of new outlets within the tricity apart from expanding to other major cities of the country,” shares an elated Archit.
A nonchalant ambience with brightly lit interiors and foot tapping in-store music, Churiosity is tinted with shades of pastel yellow, pink and blue much like the sprinkles that adorn their Churros, with every wall telling you a story on this delightful dessert.

Churiosity, SCO 28, Sector 8B, Inner Market, Chandigarh 160 008; tel: +91 172 404 4008

Posted: May 9, 2018
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