The Spirit of Sri Lanka

Regarded as one of the oldest distilled spirits in the world, arrack is produced using different ingredients from coconut flowers to sugarcane, grain, rice or fruit such as dates and raisins in different parts of Asia. In the lush island-country Sri Lanka, home to tens of thousands of coconut trees,
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    Restaurants that Farm

    The Farm to Fork concept rekindles the belief that good, fresh food is not a distant dream in this age of commercialised farming.
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    On the Coffee Trail

    Food Lovers curated a unique stay-experience at Classic Coffee\'s Harley Estate, Sakleshpur, where guests experienced an authentic plantation life and gained a perspective on what it takes to brew th
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    Apple Pie Edited

    Mixologist Shatbhi Basu captures the flavours of a traditional apple pie in a delicious single malt cocktail!
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    The Smoke Co. Comes

    With a small menu that focuses on smoking of meats, The Smoke Co. has something going that Bangalore has not seen the likes of till now!
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    Goan Thali

    This thali celebrates and showcases the range and depth of the pesco-vegetarian cuisine of the Saraswat Brahmins of the Konkan region.
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    Gourmet Biker

    In the last part of this episode, Gourmet Biker, Kripal Amanna is invited to a fisherman\'s home for a traditional fishing community meal.
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    Gourmet Biker

    Gourmet Biker, Kripal Amanna rides to the tiny fishing village of Kovalam, 40kms South of Chennai to experience a day in the life of a fisherman.
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    Gourmet Biker

    This episode of Gourmet Biker is a tribute to the produce of the sea. From savouring local seafood preparations to exploring a day in the life of a fisherman, Gourmet Biker, Kripal Amanna celebrates the bounty of the sea.
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    Coastal Delights

    Three local restaurants to savour, from Mangalore to Karwar