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Chefs Who Travel for Food

Food travel is increasingly on the itinerary for many chefs these days!

Increasingly chefs across the country are taking time out to travel. These are chefs who prioritize spending time in local kitchens, cooking with chefs from a region, exploring ingredients in their native growth areas and more.


Abhijit Saha

Chef and restaurateur, Abhijit Saha talks about Rock Salt...
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    Abhijit Saha

    Chef and restaurateur, Abhijit Saha talks to Kripal Amanna about the restaurant industry in India and what it takes to be a successful restaurateur.
  • Artisan

    Sweet Art

    Gevan Hoogewerf-Abreu handcrafts exquisite and realistic sugar craft flowers for wedding and special occasion cakes that reflect her skill, creativity and attention to detail.
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    In Conversation With Chef Abhijit Saha (Part 1)

    In this four-part interview series, Food Lovers Editor, Kripal Amanna talks to one of the country\'s finest culinary minds, chef and serial restaurateur, Abhijit Saha.

    The Idli: Humble and Wholesome, Timeless and Tast

    Dr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat says the idli is close to his heart, soul and stomach and his hospitality journey started with it.
  • Tribute

    Sir Antonio Carluccio

    Godfather of Italian gastronomy, chef, restaurateur, author... The late, Sir Antonio Carluccio wore many hats! In a tribute to his immense contribution to the culinary world, we dig deep into our archives to publish this rare interview from a over a decade ago.