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A Bengali Feast

Daab Chingri

Prawns cooked with coconut cream, green chillies, poppy seed paste, and mustard, served inside a tender coconut shell.

A Bengali Feast

Bhapa Sandesh

Sweetened cottage cheese steamed and flavoured with cardamom, and served with chocolate syrup.

A Bengali Feast

Aam Ada Bhaja Muger Dal

Roasted split yellow lentils, tempered with cumin and flavoured with mango ginger and ghee.

A Bengali Feast

Kancha Lonka Mangsho

Mutton simmered in a fiery green chilli gravy.

A Bengali Feast

Chanar Dalna

Cottage cheese dumplings cooked with green peas and potato in a delicious tomato gravy.

A Bengali Feast

Chingri Sahebi Kabab

Prawns cooked in coconut milk and spices, and baked in the shell with flavours of kebab chini and mawa.

A Bengali Feast

Bhetki Paturi

Sea bass marinated in coconut paste, turmeric powder, green chilli paste and mustard oil, and grilled in plantain leaf with mustard and coconut.

A Bengali Feast

Fish Roll

Fish paupiettes stuffed with shrimps cooked in spice, rolled in panko, fried and served with kasundi.

A Bengali Feast

Mochar Cutlet

Crumb-fried banana flower floret patties, accompanied with a homemade mustard sauce.


Palak aur Meethi Kaddu Ki Jugalbandhi

This Indo Western dish is a combination of Spinach , Green Chilli and Sweet Pumpkin and is topped with desi ghee