Food Lovers

About us

Food Lovers is India’s finest platform dedicated to food, wine and fine dining.

At Food Lovers, we go beyond the mere pleasures of eating and drinking, to document and analyse food culture and cuisine, bringing an understanding of culinary history and tradition while navigating the trends and choices of dining and restauranting in our times. Our stories are curated to reflect the discerning aesthetic that readers have come to associate with Food Lovers.

The Food Lovers platform showcases the finer aspects of fine, wine and dining, connecting interesting brands with consumers, to empower readers with information that betters their food and wine experiences in the country.

Catch Food Lovers in all its avatars:

  • As India’s finest food magazine dedicated to a celebration of food, wine and fine dining, published quarterly;
  • Our interactive website, where we cover all matters of interest to the epicurean across the mediums of crisp features, stunning visuals and engaging videos;
  • As the country’s largest community on food, wine and dining, on social media, where we foster a community that is passionate about living well, in the gourmand’s pursuit of great food and drink.
  • And spectacular real-world experiences that offer the best of food, wine and gastronomy.
Kripal Amanna
Managing Director, Publisher & Editor