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20 Intriguing Food Instagrammers to Follow

From gorgeous food images starring a feline, to a wine connoisseur’s travels around the world, a page that celebrates Bohra cuisine and more, here are 20 inspiring Instagrammers from around the world.

Social media is fun and engaging, and can also serve as a platform to showcase and encourage niche interests. Instagram, in particular, with its visual appeal and its ability to connect people around the world, has played a vital role in the culinary arena. Food Lovers shares twenty captivating Instagrammers, listed here in alphabetical order, to look out for this year. This comprehensive list features a chef striving to break through the limited view of Indian cuisine, a feed dedicated to pastas of various colours, shapes and sizes, a page that takes followers on a cheese journalist’s travels around the world, and lots more.



Passionate vegetarian and food Ayurveda enthusiast


A photo posted by Amrita Kaur (@amritaoflife) on

Professionally a food blogger and a stylist, Amrita Kaur also engages in teaching and reviewing restaurants. This loud “Punjaban”, as she calls herself, can give readers serious breakfast envy with her beautiful, healthy creations.


Her posts include easy-to-make breakfast recipes, dishes from new restaurants, and a daily dose of positivity.


What we love: How her food philosophy on healthy eating and Ayurveda comes through in her photographs.



A tale of two countries through the eyes of a food blogger


A photo posted by Rakhee Yadav (@boxofspice) on


Rakhee Yadav calls herself a visual storyteller. An Indian based in the Netherlands, her photos strongly indicate a sense of diaspora.  In her sumptuous images of food, she never forgets to add a nod to her homeland. For instance, her pictures often have her adorning ethnic trinkets, and showcase cutlery she picked up on her travels through India.


A recipe developer and blogger, she shuttles between India and the Netherlands, conducting workshops on food photography and styling.


What we love: The harmony of colours in all her photos.



Cheese connoisseur


A photo posted by Matt Spiegler (@cheesenotes) on


Delve into the world of gourmet cheeses with Matt Spiegler, a renowned cheese connoisseur who, through his Instagram page, shares a peek into cheese tastings, cheese making and his visits to various farms. His posts feature cheeses like the dense and creamy Bayley blue cheese, and the velvety Red Cat raw milk cheese, to name a few. Spiegler’s profile will help you understand the varying results of aging through comparative analysis and also understanding fat content of cheeses. 


What we love: His page is like an encyclopedia of cheeses and cheese farms around the world.





A photo posted by Thomas Zacharias (@cheftzac) on


Exuberant and earthy would best describe Chef Thomas Zacharias’s profile. What makes him stand out as a social media culinary icon is his ability to captivate viewers with not just upcoming dishes at his restaurant, but weekly visits to the local market, and the desire to constantly educate people about our India’s culinary heritage through his posts on traditional ingredients and dishes he has eaten on his travels.


What we love: The feeling of nostalgia he evokes with his posts and the occasional culinary brain teasers!



Head butcher at Victoria Churchill



Anthony Bourdain calls it ‘the most beautiful butcher shop in the world’. Considered Australia’s oldest continually-run butcher shop since 1876 by two recognized families, the Victoria Churchill butcher shop is epitomic of supreme quality meat.


This head butcher’s Instagram profile is filled with pictures of carefully carved meat from Australia’s best farms.


What we love: How each piece of meat is crafted with such perfection.



Photographer who captures the charm of local markets


A photo posted by David Hagerman (@davehagerman) on


David Hagerman’s Instagram account has been chosen as one of Saveur’s favorite profiles of 2016, and for good reason. Splitting his time between Turkey and South East Asia as a full time photographer, his images capture the essence of the local markets. Often seen are pictures of fish mongers, vegetable markets and street food vendors. Through his profile, he captures his time in a city, and also the people he interacts with.


What we love: His ability to teleport us through his images.



Food Traveller



Melissa Hie is an Indonesian based in Singapore, who documents her travels on her Instagram page. Her solo travels often involve her wandering through streets of a city on a limited budget, searching for the most popular local foods to sample. Often shy to ask fellow travelers to photograph her, she began taking photos of the food she ate against iconic backgrounds.


Her photo of the Chinese delicacy mooncake against the background of Chinatown got a whooping twenty six thousand hits on Instagram.


What we love: The perfect mix of food and travel



Home baker whose products would fit right in a fairy tale



If you’re under the misconception that fairy tales only appear in children’s books, Julian Angel is here to prove you wrong. This 30-year-old Columbia-based web designer is also a passionate home baker. Intricate design details on his whimsical cakes along with larger-than-life prop elements such as fireworks, flowers, candles and luxurious ingredients make his profile visually stunning.


What we love: His humble and slightly unkempt appearances in many photos make the page seem honest and relatable despite the over-the-top images.



Wine connoisseur



Former Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief of Wine Spectator, James Suckling is a reputed wine connoisseur and regarded as one of the world’s most influential wine critics. A lesser-known fact is that he is also a wine glass designer. His photos feature wines he tastes through his travels and his daily life.


What we love: His posts are an informative guide to the fine wines across the world.



Pasta chef



There’s something very satisfying about watching freshly-rolled pasta being shaped. A pasta maker who works for Mario Batali’s Italian food market Eataly in New York, Luca Donofrio’s Instagram page features photos and videos of him effortlessly shaping pasta of every shape and size.  Eataly produces 2,000 kg of pasta each week and is a major supplier to several restaurants in the vicinity, so there’s always plenty of pasta to work with.


What we love: The  unusual pasta varieties and shapes he features on his page.



Russian photographer who takes gorgeous food shots, many starring her cat!



The cat is never in the bag in Oleysa Kuprin’s life, but is in fact a constant show stopper in most of her Instagram posts. Her photos are jaunty, with just the right proportion of drama. Along with her adorable feline, Oleysa’s photos include pies, cakes and freshly baked goodies prepared by her. Her Instagram profile stirred a lot of excitement amongst viewers because of her cat’s special appearances.


What we love: The cat and the delicious food, obviously!



David, the rice paella chef


A photo posted by Ricepaella (@ricepaella) on


His identity on social media is quite constrained but his love for paella is all over the internet. David is a paella lover who creates thousands of variations of paella; sweet, savory and seasonal.  His creative ability to play around with one dish is quite commendable and his effort in creating an entire story through his props setting keeps his followers intrigued.


His profile is full of his renditions of paella, the widely popular Spanish rice dish.


What we love: How he manages to recreate many forms of the Spanish staple without seeming repetitive.



The cakepop genius


A photo posted by R A Y R A Y (@rymondtn) on


Singapore-based ‘Rayray’ is no ordinary baker. He specializes in making cake pops that look so gorgeous, biting into them could almost be considered a felony.  His cake pops range from Christmas and animal-themed, to elegant ones with marbled patterns, metallic food paint, edible flowers, and more.


A recent cake pop depicting a Sikh doorkeeper he met in Singapore made our hearts melt.


What we love: His ability to make cake pops that will amaze grown-ups and children alike.



20-year-old self-taught baker and food blogger


A photo posted by Shivesh (@shivesh17) on


While most 20-year-olds are in a constant rut between exams and assignments, Shivesh Bhatia is predominantly seen whisking eggs and piping cakes. This whiz kid, who leads a double life as a political science student and a talented baker, became an internet sensation in 2016. What makes him even more inspiring, is that he is a self-taught baker. He thoroughly enjoys food propping and styling, and creating visual food experiences for his viewers, although some are part of his social media collaborations with food companies as a recipe developer and stylist.


What we love: His images are extravagant yet look like something our mothers would whip up for a special occasion.



Man who cooks 100% identical breakfasts for himself and his husband



Some accidents are good accidents, especially in the case of this Instagrammer. Last year-Michael Zee, an educational officer at a museum, made breakfast for his boyfriend Mark van Beek, When he laid it out (an omelette, avocado, salami and fruit juice), he noticed the plates were perfectly symmetrical. On posting this on Instagram he noticed how it became an instant hit. Now, over 400 symmetrical breakfasts later, Michael Zee has more than 92,000 followers.


What we love: How even the ‘flaws’ on the two plates are identical!



Chocolate journalist



Sharon Terenzi is a young Italian chocolate journalist, travelling the world and tasting gourmet chocolates, and visiting various cacao plantations. Through her profession she’s been fortunate to taste exquisite varieties of chocolates such as the gold-dusted chocolate of Japan that is priced at $4 per square and Cremino by Italy’s award-winning gourmet brand Venchi, which is decked with Piedmont hazelnuts and layered with white almond gianduja, Understanding the nature of various chocolates and the audience it will appeal to is part of her job profile as a consumer psychologist.


Her posts include decadent slabs of gourmet chocolate and the beans they have been procured from.


What we love: Her page is chocoholic heaven.



Culinary gardener



This former Noma stagiaire is a full-time culinary gardener and has a Bachelors degree in food culture and sustainable agriculture. Evan has grown over 200 varieties of vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs over the past few years for top restaurants in Asheville, with new additions every season. Today, Evan employs the knowledge he has gained over the years to continue four season farming at his micro farm which allows him to provide for his chefs 52 weeks a year. His posts include vibrant photos of his heirloom produce.


What we love: The bright green landscapes studded with a variety of vegetables and edible flowers.



Bohra cuisine enthusiast



Bohra Cuisine only sees fleeting appearances during the festival of Eid and is quite undervalued. Tasneem Rajkotwala, a UAE-based food blogger who has previously resided in Hyderabad, Nagpur and Bombay, has developed recipes through her food memories to share with the world, drawing special emphasis on the lesser-known Bohra Cuisine.


What we love: The delectable homemade Bohra recipes she features, such as mutton khurdi and dal gosht.



Blogger and proponent of plant-based cooking



Valentina Solfrini is an Italian graphic designer based in New York. On being diagnosed with several medical conditions about seven years ago, she decided to alter her food choices and became a propagator of plant-based cooking. She supports the farm-to -table concept and constantly blogs about the same. Her Instagram profile is an attempt to exhibit to the world how Italian food can be both, delicious and healthy.


What we love: The rustic appeal of the food and props, and her ability to knit a story around each picture.



Sci-fi cocktail maker



Inspired by Heston Blumenthal, a pioneer in bringing together the world of science and food, Australia-based Kinsey Johnson’s eclectic alcoholic creations look like they would fit right in a sci-fi film. He blends the art of molecular gastronomy with a deep understanding of alcohol.


His Instagram profile includes pictures and videos of surreal cocktails invented by him that have garnered attention around the world.


What we love: How he creates quirky cocktails without being too gimmicky.

Posted: January 12, 2017

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