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Mango Varieties

India is home to a multitude of mango varieties, with a type to please every kind of mango lover.

The king of fruits, most celebrated in the Indian subcontinent makes appearances in delectable desserts, drinks, curries, salads and even pickles. However, the most satisfying way to eat a mango, is by biting into the juicy, ripe, in-season fruit and enjoying it in all its glory. India gives one varied options from North to South, with mangoes of different shapes, sizes, colours and, taste.


From Main Street to High Street!

A walnut and cheese tikki or a samosa with filo pastry? Flabbergasted? Here's why and how the everyday Indian street food, a religion in many ways, has a new place of worship!

What would've seemed really bizzare a few years ago, only if we heard terms like a 'lemon rasam pani-puri' or an 'idli pizza' no longer seem alien.

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    Creating layers in a dish adds to its appeal.
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