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Trivia: Spices

Did you know that India accounts for 70% of global spice production! More interesting facts in this trivia feature.
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    Trivia: Burrito

    Did you know that the word ‘Burrito’ literally translates into ‘little donkey’ in Spanish? Here’s more on this Mexican staple
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    A Sphere of Delight!

    Ladoos are happily encountered across the vast spread of India, capturing symbolism, sentiment, flavours, nutrition and satiety...


Trivia: Minestrone

Minestrone is part of what is known in Italy as “cucina povera”, literally “poor kitchen”, meaning poor people’s cuisine. Here’s more trivia on this classic Italian zuppa.


Trivia: Banh Mi

The Vietnamese Banh Mi was only invented after French colonists brought the baguette to Vietnam.

    An Exclusive Brew

    The fermented and aged Pu-erh Chinese tea is steadily getting known amongst tea lovers across the world for its lovely mellow earthy flavours and smoothness.

    The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian

    Popular blogger, Nandita Iyer’s book lives up to its name with recipes that stand out in their remarkable simplicity.
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    Trivia: Thukpa

    Thukpa was brought to India by migrating Tibetans! Here's more on this Himalayan Noodle Soup.
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    Trivia: Baos

    Baos are a complete meal conveniently packed away in a white, warm, soft bun. Here’s more trivia on this Chinese meal in a bun!
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    Trivia: Frittata

    The word “frittata,” is derived from the Italian verb “friggere” or “to fry”. Here's more on this Italian dish.